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"Krista from "A Perfect Little Plan," is so organized and efficient! I came to her last minute for a lot of help with the wedding planning process. She helped me with every part along the way and made the process so much easier. Everything I asked for help with was done so quickly and even better than what I could have expected. I can really tell that Krista genuinely loves what she does. She was sometimes more excited than I was about the whole wedding planning process. I am definitely going to be going to her for planning my baby shower (whenever that will be)!"  


Esther & Andy

 Kiley & Tyler

Honestly - don't know where to start! A Perfect Little Plan WAS/IS amazing!! Literally every question I had whether it was from center pieces to veils to who should I invite Krista was there and offered honest advice and gave several options for each. She made it feel like whatever I picked was truly my decision and my idea when really, at some points I begged her to just make the decision for me!! Krista played multiple parts in my wedding - from helping me plan, to being a guest, and SAME DAY PHOTOGRAPHER! She captured the perfect moments, most candid - which are my absolute fave. I trust Krista 10000% and honestly I know for a fact my wedding would not have turned out as good as it did if it wasn't for her help. She dedicated so much time & effort in finding pictures, doing research, and responding to my crazy emails at all hours of the day. Krista is amazing to work with and helps make sometimes a stressful time actually be kind of fun!! 

Photo by: Starfish Studios

Vi       c      k      y            &                T     o  m  m     y

"A Perfect Little Plan helped me plan my wedding abroad and I can't tell you how much easier they made my life, especially during the weeks leading up to the wedding. Krista is incredibly passionate about what she does, is a great communicator and genuinely cares about her clients and ensuring their wedding is the most special day for them. I would highly recommend Krista!"

Photo by: Livia Figueiredo Wedding Photography

C    a      i      t     l       i      n                   &                          B  r      a       n      d      o      n

Photo by: Kasey Matson Photography

"The best! A Perfect Little Plan helped me from beginning to end! From designing my own wedding invites, to creating DIY signs and thank you cards, they were there for everything. Krista also helped my MOH plan my shower and it was AWESOME. They are very responsive and were always there to answer any  questions I had. You can really tell she loves what she does. " 


M      e       l      i      s      s      a                    &                      J       a      m      e       s

"Krista from "A Perfect Little Plan" helped turn a dream into a reality! Planning a wedding mid June in Portland, Maine while living in Washington, D.C. seemed impossible to have come to fruition. Krista helped me organize and prioritize what needed to be done and when without making me, the BRIDE!, feel pressure at all. Her determination to make our day as perfect as we imagined did not go un-noticed as she continued to develop our vision while it kept changing. I would highly recommend Krista for any event as you can tell she is passionate and loves planning!"

Photo by: Barbara Lynch

Photo by: Koman Photography